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KB - BLOK systém, s.r.o. is a purely Czech private company transacting business in the area of producing construction materials. Since its establishment, that is to say for nearly twenty years, the company has pursued a clear aim – to offer the very best on the market. This philosophy is reflected at several levels of our activities: KB - BLOK systém, s.r.o. was the first company in the Czech Republic to use equipment from Columbia Machine in the USA for the production of concrete blocks, which is at the top in technological development and allows the production of a variety of top-quality products. We also place the same quality requirements on all other suppliers of machines and raw materials.

We have also entered into close relations with prominent Czech and foreign experts in the area of civil engineering, with designers, universities and research institutes. Thanks to these linked potential and creative abilities we can put new, often even daringly untraditional solutions on the market, with qualities surpassing classic, conservative construction materials. We are one of the few to then verify the properties of our products at certified testing laboratories.

We do not use our own network of distribution stores and outlets of building materials only for sales, but also as a source of valuable feedback – to gain incentives on further refining our existing products and meeting the market requirements for new products.

In the past we made sure that the market would not waitg and that it would be necessary to react quickly to its needs. We then established an engineering division of our company, producing complete forms for the production of existing as well as new products. We have thus succeeded in substantially shortening the time from designing a product to putting it on the market; moreover, we can react flexibly to any requirements for shape changes and product properties. In the process, the engineering division of KB - BLOK systém, s.r.o. has developed into a fully independent organizational unit whose services have already been used by foreign trading partners as well.

We attach high importance to co-operation with foreign partners since the possibilities of the relatively small Czech market no longer correspond to our needs in the area of further development. KB - BLOK systém, s.r.o. is a founding member of BLOCKMASTERS – an association of European producers of concrete blocks. Thanks to the active operation of the association and exchange of experience, we can enrich the Czech market with news from Finland or Austria, for example.

All this contributes to the fact that KB - BLOK systém, s.r.o. has been perceived as the quality leader and main innovator on the market for a long time. We are glad that nobody in this field calls one of the most frequently used blocks anything other than "KB - BLOK". There are a number of imitations, but the genuine "KB - BLOK" is the one and only! Thanks to our efforts, we believe that our additional products will also gain the same eminence in future.

Perfect Construction System

The KB - BLOK systém, s.r.o. company has been continuously developing the KB - BLOK concrete brick system since 1992, using the excellent features of concrete, namely its bearing strength and surface durability. These outstanding features of concrete result in high quality and long life of all the products - from shaped pieces, Scandinavian roofing, a supporting walls system and garden architecture elements, to tiling, blocks and other concrete products.When developing the KB - BLOK construction system, we've made use of vast foreign experience, in particular from the USA, where this construction method has had almost a hundred years of tradition, and our own, more than fifteen years of experience.

The KB - BLOK system is remarkable in particular for its:

  • unique composite structure
  • simple building system
  • variable facade finish
  • attractive interior wall surfaces
  • economic operation and maintenance
  • endurance of the building
  • suitability for all kinds of buildings

KB - BLOK in Schools

To develop the market, for R&D purposes and to increase awareness of the concrete brick system our company cooperates closely with schools and students. We organize seminars for all schools in our Postoloprty premises, and in the individual educational facilities. Our KB - BLOK construction system is being introduced in the curriculum of colleges.

Building Materials Division

We offer our customers delivery of all building materials through the network of our shops of independent Building Materials Sales Division. Construction companies and entrepreneurs can purchase everything for their construction projects there. The division offers the complete KB - BLOK range - shaped pieces, pavement, concrete blocks, composite components, garden architecture elements, lining and other items from the wide offer of the KB - BLOK systém company.Products of a number of other manufacturers are included in the Building Materials Division's assortment, so that the shops provide a comprehensive range of goods for builders.


Our company applies a quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001, used as a tool for implementation of our quality strategy. The quality system was extended by the EMS environmental protection system according to ČSN EN ISO 14001. The process management structure has been developed on the basis of the two tools, allowing us to communicate better with our customers and to better meet their requirements.

Company management systems and products are certified and supervised by the Authorized Entity AO 227, Certification Authority VÚPS Praha.

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ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 a 14001.