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RSS channel offers you actual information on what is new on the web KB - BLOK.

The technology RSS enables you to apply for taking the news over from web that is offered by the RSS channel. This source mostly exists on the pages where the content / subject is often changed or added.

If one of the web servers offers RSS channels this situation is usually pointed out with the help of the icon referring directly to URL (address) of the relevant source that is entered to the RSS scanner by a user. The scanner then checks this URL on regular basis and displays new articles or references/links.

Software intended for work with RSS channels is marked as a RSS scanner. This can be separate specialized software, function of some program (e.g. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007) or plugging into other program. In the up-to-date web browsers (Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Firefox 2, 3 and higher, Opera 9 and higher, and other) the RSS function is integrated and the users can add the RSS channels directly from the address line.

Unless you want to use the internet browser for the RSS channels you can download a special program (RSS scanner) on the below-mentioned reference/link.

RSS scanner for download.

How to apply for taking the RSS over?

For application for taking the messages over from our RSS channel it is sufficient if you only click the reference/link in the left part of this page and so apply for taking the RSS channel over from the web KB - BLOK web.

For application for taking the RSS over with the help of the scanner follow the manual to the given program.

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