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1. 2. 2010 | We have prepared a new and catalogue of colours of our products for you, which is unique in the market. We are coming up with novelties in the field of layout and design of colours, enriching your constructions with new dimensions of possibilities.

… we mix new colours onto your palette. Request our new colour catalogue from our dealers or in our company; after all, the world of colours is a world of fantasy and the palette of colours is endless!

New software for the calculation of GEOSTONE and GRAVITY STONE reinforced retaining walls

1. 2. 2010 | Our company has prepared software for the calculation of reinforced retaining walls intended for designers.

This program serves to design or assess the reinforcement of retaining walls reinforced with geogrids with GeoStone, Gravity Stone, GeoGarden Stone and GeoZIQZAQ elements on the face of these walls. The software contains a database of geogrids used in combination with faced blocks from the portfolio of KB-BLOK systém, s. r. o. The database of the geogrids can be expanded by the user to up to 100 various types. It makes it possible to define wall geometry (height, depth of foundation, ground slope both in front of and behind the wall, deviation of the wall face from the vertical line), additional local or strip or surface load (variable or constant), parameters of soils etc.

A leaflet can be downloaded here.

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