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Is a material used to fill the space between the back of the wall (behind the reinforced body) and the wall of the trench. Any inorganic soil that is available on the building site or nearby is suitable.

Bearing wall

Vertical wall with bearing function in the structural system, simultaneously separating individual spaces. KB 1-20A, 1-21B and other blocks with a modular width of 200 mm are used for beating facework walls, plus KB 1-30 A or KB 1-31B blocks for a thickness of 300 mm. KB KLASIK XC 160 and 240 are recommended for plastered walls.

Bed joint

Horizontal gap between individual walling elements, filled with joining material – mortar, glue, foam. KB - BLOK Special walling mix is used for the walling of concrete shaped pieces of the KB - BLOK system.

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