• Original in retro style

    New decorative block come with an unusual but interesting look. Combines with the popular PlayBlok product line to create original patterns and patterns on your fencing. You can choose from four new shapes and three colors. The decorative elements also include the well-known wall-shaped fish-shaped blocks, which offer an interesting shape of masonry in the wool when stacking, giving the fencing a different and architecturally interesting appearance.

  • Haklík - the new face of your fencing

    The Haklík block brings new design to the world of classical fences. Its shape makes it possible to create extremely interesting combinations of fence fields, mainly because the fitting has five variants with three different finishes and two different sides. There are therefore ten completely different views with a 3D effect and a look that imitates natural granite. In the new season it will be available in 12 colors in the SUZUKA finish.

  • Smokehouse with grill

    Get ready for the barbecue season on time! If you are looking for a non-traditional solution, try a smokehouse built from PlayBlok. You can choose from various shapes, colors and surfaces.

  • The solution for every garden

    Underline the uniqueness and beauty of the vegetation in your garden. Elements of garden architecture KB - BLOK offer a huge number of variants of shapes and colors and it does not matter whether your garden is terraced or uphill, we have a solution for every garden.

  • Warranty up to 30 years

    Due to the quality of the materials and the technology used, KB-BLOK concrete products have a very long service life. Therefore, we are not afraid to guarantee a 30-year warranty on all concrete elements, bricks and roofing and a 20-year warranty on retaining walls, garden architecture and paving.

  • Timeless appearance of various formats

    KB-BLOK concrete paving is a combination of timeless design, original colors and high quality. Paving perfectly drains water, is highly durable and frost-resistant.

  • Design and style in trendy shades

    Fencing the land is important from many points of view. You can solve it both functionally and aesthetically. With us you always have a lot to choose from. We offer many variants of fencing, from traditional to original compositions with a choice of a variety of finishes, colors and sizes.

  • Appearance imitating natural granite

    Suzuka is a high-quality water-based resin containing natural aggregates and ceramic sands. Not only are fittings with this surface easy to clean, but also are resistant to water, chemicals, UV radiation, dust, dirt and any impact or abrasion.

  • Original and efficient solution of access to your land

    Huge selection of entrance gates and gates, which as a functional and design element complement the appearance of concrete fence around all types of buildings, be it a modern building, cottage or industrial building. Doors and gates are made of the highest quality materials and we will deliver both standardized and tailored to your wishes.