The point of garden architecture is to gently and naturally underline the unique character of each garden. Each garden architecture element then accommodates the garden for use by its owners. That said, the location of the garden elements and their uses should underline the original beauty of the garden.

Concrete architecture not only has a practical function, but is a beautiful aesthetic garden accessory with appropriately chosen materials and forms. An undeniable advantage of concrete elements is their maintenance-free nature and practical utility wherever needed. You can combine variously coloured materials or stick to a uniform style.

Frequently used in garden architecture are concrete blocks for retaining walls, slope reinforcement, establishment of separate areas, steps and staircases and other accessories. Concrete pavers are still a tradition, as are other concrete products for the garden, such as palisades and kerbstones.

However, KB-BLOK concrete pavers are not only designed for use in the garden: their excellent physical properties make them ideal for use in any outdoor area, including large areas with expected heavy loading. They are great at draining water, highly abrasion and frost-resistant. If money is a big issue in the laying, we have solutions for such areas as well.

We offer pavers in classic shapes at very affordable prices, as well as luxury pavers in original colours and diverse dimensions. The structural pavers have basic square or rectangular shapes and several sizes, enabling variable compositions. In contrast to that, interlocking pavers have a specific shape and fixed order, in which the individual pieces interlock. Areal pavers are used for paving larger footfall areas, with individual pieces typically of larger formats.