PlayBlok sectional range masonry

Expanding the PlayBlok 200 mm width system with sectional range masonry offers undreamed possibilities. Combinations of various building block heights (100, 200, 300 mm), their various lengths (200, 300, 400 mm), as well as various surfaces and colours produce truly original, distinctive fences.

  • unconventional and original fence bay compositions
  • endless combinations and options (combinations of surface finish, colour and height)
  • smooth, combed, split surface
  • maximum height tolerance +/- 1 mm

Playblok SRM leaflet (PDF)

PlayBlok system

PlayBlok building blocks are primarily popular due to their bevelled edge (facet), which replaces the joint, making the construction easier. However, they have also become popular thanks to their attractive appearance and wide range of surface finishes and colours. The new building blocks can be used separately or combined with other series of PlayBlok building blocks. Most importantly, you can combine both colours and surface finishes at will. And voilà, you have beautiful mosaics instead of an ordinary fence!

Due to their exact dimensions, PlayBlok building blocks enable construction without mortar or other cements. Building blocks laid on top of each other are thus not jointed with mortar (no need for a 1 cm mortar bed), thus requiring no jointing compound. The common action of the structure for transmission of forcers is achieved by filling at least every other hollow in the building blocks with concrete mixture and reinforcement bars. Building retaining walls is thus literally child’s play, it is quick and the result is much more apparent and cheaper than jointed retaining and garden walls.

Design specimen options:

Option I.

Option II.

Option III.

Option IV.

Option V.
Option VI.
Option VII.
Option VIII.
Option IX.
Option X.
Option XI.
Option XII.
Option XIII.
Option XIV.
Option XV.
Option XVI.