KB-BLOK has the complete solution for your new fence from free graphic design to delivery of foundations, fence blocks, gates and garden gates, letterboxes and other elements, to consultations on the construction site as necessary.

In the early 1990s we introduced a new walling system originating from the USA, to the Czech market: vibration-pressed concrete building blocks designed for fences and other structures. At present, we offer the widest product range of fence blocks in terms of types, dimensions, surface finishes and colour options. However, fence construction is not only building blocks; we can supply your complete fence, including car and garden gates of our own production, fence panels, accessories, etc. If you have no idea, we can create a free design for you, including a list of materials.

Advantages of fences built with concrete blocks

Due to their long life, high resistance to climate conditions, maintenance-free design, wide range of colours, surface finishes and sizes, concrete building blocks are the ideal solution. You can choose from conventional jointed building blocks and facet blocks. Our facet blocks, such as the PlayBlok system, are increasingly more popular for their quick and easy construction and elegant modern design.

New fence without too much toil

What is the advantage of the PlayBlok facet building blocks? The vibration-pressed building blocks are laid on top of each other dry, without any mortar and jointing; the visible joint comprises the bevelled or rectangular edges. Hollows in the building blocks are intended for filling with a concrete mixture, but only where necessary for inserting reinforcement for structural reasons. Handling the blocks is thus very easy and the construction can be done by a skilful DIY man adhering to recommended procedures.

Using PlayBlok building blocks, you can easily build a running fence wall, a fence wall with posts or fence bays with a foundation wall and posts. PlayBlok building blocks are manufactured in several sizes, which can be combined. So if you desire an original-looking fence, you can compose your fence from diverse components in terms of dimensions, surface finishes and colours.

The reason why PlayBlok building blocks are so popular is, besides the ease of construction and aesthetics, the wide range of surface finishes and colour versions. The surface can be smooth, split or combed, and they come in an endless array of colour tones, including multicolour ones.

Cover blocks – functional and aesthetic fence component

The top part of the fence comprises concrete fence roof blocks or column capitals, which are again made at KB-BLOK in many colour versions, surface finishes and shapes, excellently completing the structure design.

The cover blocks are laid in a bed of mortar and cemented together with frost-resistant cement glue, achieving total fence protection against water and other adverse effects.

Choose the right gate, garden gate and fence panelling

Almost everybody knows KB-BLOK makes concrete building blocks and other concrete products. However, fewer people know that we have long manufactured, supplied and installed fence panels, gates and garden gates, which are functional and design elements completing the appearance of every concrete fence around any type of building, whether a modern structure, summer house or industrial facility. Each purpose demands a different solution. You can choose from gates with forged, wooden, plastic, artwood, expanded metal panels and more.

We manufacture and supply sliding entrance gates (self-supporting or sliding on castors), rotary entrance gates (double-leaf), garden gates, forged fence panels and more accessories.